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March, 2014 - QLD

Mareeba Lake's

On my trip to Cairns again I managed to score a few new bird shots, however I was very angry with myself when I saw a pair of Spotted Catbirds branch hopping near the Baron Gorge waterfall lookout, I managed to click away for several seconds only to find that all the shots were taken with a wrong setting and all were very dark photographs. Thankfully I have managed to rescue the shots with the aid of Photo-shop so at least I have a recorded shot of the bird, I shall head back there tomorrow and try again.

Since I arrived on Thursday night the weather has not been condusive to birding as it has vertually not stopped raining the entire time that I have been here. Many recognised birding spots have been flooded out and access to theses spots have been blocked with minor floodings across many roads and walking trails.

With only one more day remaining on this trip I shall attempt to dodge the heavy showers and hopefully snap away at more birds to add to my list.


On my final day I once again made the trip up to Mareeba and then down to Kingfisher park at Julatten. It was my forth trip to Kingfisher park and I think my last. The mozzies are really bad there and no amount of insect sprays would keep them away.

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Associated Photos

Spotted CatbirdSpotted Catbird
Spotted CatbirdSpotted Catbird
Little Shrike-thrushLittle Shrike-thrush
Fairy GerygoneFairy Gerygone
Golden Orb SpiderGolden Orb Spider
Radjah ShelduckRadjah Shelduck
Red-Winged Parrot Red-Winged Parrot
Red-Winged Parrot Red-Winged Parrot
Red-backed Fairy-wren Red-backed Fairy-wren
Yellow HoneyeaterYellow Honeyeater
Spotted Harrier,Spotted Harrier,
Double-barred FinchDouble-barred Finch
Spotted Harrier,Spotted Harrier,
Gouldian Finch Gouldian Finch
White-necked HeronWhite-necked Heron
Yellow HoneyeaterYellow Honeyeater
Red-Winged Parrot Red-Winged Parrot
Yellow-billed Spoonbill Yellow-billed Spoonbill
Red-backed Fairy-wren Red-backed Fairy-wren
Brown HoneyeaterBrown Honeyeater
Buff-breasted Paradise KingfisherBuff-breasted Paradise Ki
Chestnut-breasted MannikinChestnut-breasted Manniki
Young Scrub PythonYoung Scrub Python
Rainbow Bee-eaterRainbow Bee-eater
Olive-backed SunbirdOlive-backed Sunbird
Ullyses ButterflyUllyses Butterfly
Pied Imperial PigeonPied Imperial Pigeon
Cairns Birdwing ButterflyCairns Birdwing Butterfly