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Adelaide to North Queensland Caravan Holiday

July, 2014 - QLD

Cardwell North Qld

On Saturday the 13th July we left Adelaide to take a 5-6 weeks round trip to Cairns and back. We decided that the in-land road would be our route and Tooleybuk on the NSW boarder was our 1st stop and from there we drove on to West Wyalong and on to Gilgandra. we have always liked our previous stays at Gilgandra and we stayed 2 nights there. It was at Gilgandra that we noticed that the majority of the grey Nomads must have all decided to get their vans out of storage and head up north for a few months respite from the cold weather of the southern states.

I can tell you that it was unexpected to get temperatures of -3 and several in-land country towns but with our recently installed air-conditioning unit, the nights made conditions comfortable for the nights ahead.

We travelled the development from Emerald, Clermont and then on to Charters Towers we have stayed several times in the past. We only stayed one night at Charters Towers and we then headed off to Cardwell. We have on many occasions camped here as it's beside the beach and nestled below tropical forests. I had my first chance of bird watching here and as soon as i was given permission I drove to the Edmond Kennedy Girramay National Park which is just a short drive from the caravan Park. After only a few moments I made spotted my 1st new bird and the signs to add to my list of sightings look good.

Next stop was Mission Beach where I had hoped to photograph a Cassowary but apart from finding recent Cassowary droppings, I still didn't get my bird until my last day At Cardwell where I bumped into a local who told me that Cassowary's are always on his property so off I headed. I saw just the one bird and only managed his head. We then had a week in Cairns before we headed back to Cardwell for another three days. Over the next two weeks we took it nice and easy traveling through Townsville, Charters Towers and on to Hughenden where we parked up for two nights. Next stops were at Winton, Longreach, Blackall, Charleville, Cunnamulla and Bourke. It was then on to Cobar and Hay before we started the last run for home. The caravan and the old Nissan performed well and we are now ready to make plans for our next trip away.



Associated Photos

Helmeted Guineafowl Helmeted Guineafowl
Rainbow Bee-eaterRainbow Bee-eater
Satin FlycatcherSatin Flycatcher
Yellow-Spotted HoneyeaterYellow-Spotted Honeyeater
Satin FlycatcherSatin Flycatcher
Pacific BazaPacific Baza
Pacific BazaPacific Baza
Crimson FinchCrimson Finch
Spectacled MonarchSpectacled Monarch
Collared SparrowhawkCollared Sparrowhawk
Satin FlycatcherSatin Flycatcher
Crimson FinchCrimson Finch
Rainbow Bee-eaterRainbow Bee-eater
Varied HoneyeaterVaried Honeyeater
Pacific BazaPacific Baza
Rose-crowned Fruit-DoveRose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Brown-Cuckoo DoveBrown-Cuckoo Dove
Varied Triller Varied Triller
White-throated HoneyeaterWhite-throated Honeyeater
Satin Flycatcher Satin Flycatcher
Zebra FinchZebra Finch
Sacred Kingfisher Sacred Kingfisher
Whistling KiteWhistling Kite
Pied CormorantPied Cormorant
Australasian DarterAustralasian Darter
Spangled Drongo Spangled Drongo
Eastern Pale-headed Rosella Eastern Pale-headed Rosel
Gould's Bronze-Cuckoo Gould's Bronze-Cuckoo
Variegated Fairy-wren Variegated Fairy-wren
 Pheasant Coucal Pheasant Coucal
Black Kite Black Kite
Eastern Pale-headed Rosella Eastern Pale-headed Rosel
Crimson FinchCrimson Finch
Yellow-Spotted Honeyeater Yellow-Spotted Honeyeater
Red-Winged Parrot Red-Winged Parrot
Black Kite Black Kite
Lemon-Bellied FlycatcherLemon-Bellied Flycatcher
Lemon-Bellied FlycatcherLemon-Bellied Flycatcher
Red Junglefowl, Red Junglefowl,
Pied HeronPied Heron
Pied Imperial-PigeonPied Imperial-Pigeon
Buff-banded RailBuff-banded Rail
Southern CassowarySouthern Cassowary
White-headed PigeonWhite-headed Pigeon
Wonga PigeonWonga Pigeon