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Victoria birding trip

June, 2015 - VIC


I arranged to meet my good friend Vik Dunis who is the owner of website. I decided to drive firstly to Stawell victoria where I booked in to a motel for the night. I arose early and drove the short distance to Hall's Gape at the base of the Grampian's where I planned to spend the morning looking for the local birds. The light misty rain was not conducive to birding and I only managed to get a couple of shots at an inquisitive Eastern Thornbill. I did however walk a few trails around the National Park and I'm sure I will make it back there before too long. Saturday morning after breakfast we headed off to the Werribee Poo Farm, a well known spot for birders in Australia. I was lucky and had a few new birds to add to my list before we headed back to Melbourne. The next morning it was off for a day around the Lerderderg State Park area and later in the day I scored a few new birds to add to my list. All in all a great time was had and I enjoyed learning new birding techniques in stalking birds. Thanks Vik and Joe for looking after me.

Associated Photos

Red-browed TreecreeperRed-browed Treecreeper
Little GrassbirdLittle Grassbird
Eastern Yellow RobinEastern Yellow Robin
Eastern SpinebillEastern Spinebill
Eastern Yellow RobinEastern Yellow Robin
White-browed ScrubwrenWhite-browed Scrubwren
Striated FieldwrenStriated Fieldwren
Great EgretGreat Egret
Nankeen KestrelNankeen Kestrel
Brown ThornbillBrown Thornbill
Crimson RosellaCrimson Rosella
Australian Spotted CrakeAustralian Spotted Crake
Marsh SandpiperMarsh Sandpiper
Red-browed TreecreeperRed-browed Treecreeper